Easy Stock Market Investing on Autopilot – with the Acorns App

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Have you heard of Acorns? Acorns is a personal finance app that helps you EASILY save. It automates the process for you and automatically saves for you based on the parameters you set.

The Acorns app is great for those who want to save on autopilot. And wish to do so through stocks and bonds.

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How does it work? It takes your spare change and invests it in the stock market. Once you initially set up investment preferences, every time the credit/debit card connected to your account is used, the spare change is added to your Acorns account and is invested for you.

Bonus! You can start off with $5 right now by giving Acorns a try and setting up your account today.

This spare change can add up and obviously the more you use it – the more you stand to save through the app.

$5 Referral Bonus – Sign-Up For Acorns Today!

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