10 Fun Shutterfly Photo Book Ideas (anyone can try/use)

We recently posted a Shutterfly #free 8×8 photo book coupon code and it has quickly become one of our top posts.  So that means you guys are possibly looking for shutterfly photo book ideas and or more codes for the various Shutterfly photo products. So through this post we will cover a few fun ideas on how to use your photo book. 🙂

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10 Fun Shutterfly Photo Book Ideas (anyone can try/use)

  1. Instagram album of your best/fave quotes – see my example here
  2. Baby album
  3. Pet album
  4. Family album
  5. Work album
  6. Hobbies/interests/sports collection
  7. Sports album (are you part of a sports team? you could record your fave moments, players, wins, etc)
  8. Milestone album (wedding, anniversary, 21st, 30th 40th, 50th, birthday, etc)
  9. Local event – festival/fair, sporting event, expo, etc
  10. Collection of your top or fave mobile photos
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