Top 9 Ways To Get Promo Codes (from most retailers & restaurants)

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There are many ways to snag a promo code for your fave retailer or restaurant, but below we cover what we believe to be the top 9 ways to score one. Most stores now a days know the value of promo, coupon and discount codes; that most have and highlight them in various ways.

From your local grocery store using the latest delivery app to the town restaurant mentioning everyday or Holiday discounts on their blog; promo codes are everywhere.

If you hate saving money or enjoy paying full price; you can stop reading right now as this article is NOT for you. But if you like saving money whenever you can; please keep reading!!!

Top 9 Ways To Get Promo Codes (from most retailers & restaurants)

  1. Email – this is one of the most popular ways to get discount, coupon and or promo codes from your fave retailers and restaurants. If you sign up to receive emails, they’ll mail out a code which you can use right away on a current purchase or towards your future 2nd purchase. Simply visit the site of your intended merchant and check to see if they offer an email promotion. Most likely they do. Or will.
  2. Twitter/Facebook/Instagram – another good option to score a discount is to visit the social media pages of your desired store and see if on their stream/feed are coupon offers. Some offer this, some don’t. But it doesn’t hurt to check and see. We have found many promo codes this way.
  3. Blog – another option I’ve seen and tried is to check out the blog (if they have one) when looking for some savings. Through the blog itself, there might be mention of a discount such as dollar off, percent off, BOGO or maybe even a freebie of some sort. As for finding the blog, I usually find a retailer’s/restaurant’s blog in the navigation bar at the top of a website or the bottom footer.
  4. Honey/Wikibuy – this is a super convenient way to find discounts. Honey is a Chrome extension which you download and when at the checkout page of a retailer, it checks coupon sites for coupon codes and automatically applies them for you. Wikibuy is pretty much the same thing. I have both installed and will try both as I’ve gotten mixed results. At times, Honey has the better savings and other times, Wikibuy has the better discount. So I would download and try both to see which one offers the best overall savings. Honey and Wikibuy are good for large retailers, for smaller shops and or local places; the other options mentioned on my list are best.
  5. Coupon sites – you’ve seen them. Whenever you type in Google (retailer name + coupon code) you’re going to get a plethora of coupon sites offering various promo codes. Which one is the best is like asking which is your fave movie or song; quite difficult to narrow down to the absolute best. They each vary. Best thing to do is to read the description of each one on the 1st page and then choose the one that best describes what you’re looking for or has the most recent best offer. A lot of times an offer posted looks great, but when you click over – it has expired. So check dates and check the offer itself.
  6. Affiliate referral – this option is best for smaller, local, rare, hard to find and or obscure merchants. You can use this option by going to Twitter or Facebook and asking if anyone has an affiliate referral for such and such retailer/company/product or service. Anyone that’s an affiliate and searches for Twitter/Facebook for new customers; will reply to your request/question. This also works great on niche Facebook groups you might belong to.
  7. Friend referral – this idea works similar to the affiliate option above, but differs in that you’ll ask a friend or family member straight out whether in person or online if they have a referral for you for such and such store, restaurant, product or service. You can also try social media with this one.
  8. Snail Mail – this option still works in many industries including local mom and pop shops, smaller cafes, restaurants, online sellers, etc. You sign up in person or online and paper coupons will be mailed to you.
  9. App – one of my personal faves is to download and use the app of my intended shop and take advantage of the awesome! promo code offered via use of the app. Many times a shop will offer a substantial discount, BOGO or freebie simply by downloading and using their app. This is how they get peeps to use their app and is basically a win win for both parties.

There you have it. 9 best ways to find a promo code for your fave retailers and restaurants. We’ve tried all and know they work. The idea here is to get you thinking of the many different ways available to use to SAVE MONEY when out and about shopping or couch browsing. There truly is no reason to not save when at checkout with the various quick and easy tools at our disposal nowadays.

Happy saving! And do check out the rest of our money saving blog to take it to the next level with your budget. 🙂


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