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Ssh. Don’t tell anyone but I’ve discovered a lesser known but great alcohol & snack delivery app/service.


Looking for delivery of snacks, quick eats, pharmacy or pet items? If so, goPuff is a must add delivery app.

For a flat $1.95 delivery fee (or $5.99/mo. for the monthly sub and free delivery) you can have almost anything delivered. Including beer & wine.

Check out goPuff here! (And get $20 from me on your 1st order)

I like the simplicity of the app, the speedy delivery, prices aren’t too hiked up from store prices. Some items are even priced lower than at the store. And that flat $1.95 delivery fee keeps goPuff a reasonably priced alternative to more popular well known apps like Postmates.

goPuff for the underdog win! Try them today – go here and save $20 off your 1st order.

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