No car? No problem. Drive for Uber or Lyft w/ #Hyrecar

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Don’t have a car but want to make money driving for Uber or Lyft? If so, give Hyrecar a try.

Hyrecar is a car sharing and rental app/service that allows you drive for Uber or Lyft locally. Available (as of this writing) in the following cities: Chicago, Miami, Los Angeles, Philadelphia, Atlanta, Las Vegas, Phoenix, New Jersey, Dallas and Washington DC.

How does Hyrecar work? Search for a car by zip code (on the website or app) and book it for a minimum of 2 days, the car owner will approve or deny your request. If the car you want is available and owner approves your request; you can use this car to drive with whichever ride sharing service you’re affiliated with. Costs to rent include rental fee, Hyrecar service fee and insurance.

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You must be registered and have access to Uber or Lyft as a driver to use these cars for ride sharing. If you’re already set up with Uber or Lyft as a driver; and don’t have a car, but want to make money driving – I think Hyrecar is a good option to look into. If you’re not currently set up with Uber or Lyft; you can begin the signup process online or download their apps and apply to drive with them.

How much does HyreCar cost? I checked my local area (60657) and to rent a ride share car (2010 Toyota Prius) through Hyrecar, the cost would be as follows: 35.00 x 2 days (70) Transaction Fee 10% (7.00) Insurance Fee 13 x 2 days (26) Total = 103

Want to give Hyrecar a try? Click the orange banner below and sign up! Then search for a ride share car in your area. And make that money! 🙂 Use the link below for a FREE background check!

Rent a Car, Drive For Any Food or Grocery Delivery Service

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