Top 8 Ways To Score a Low Cost Phone

low cost phone

Looking for a low cost phone to bring to a good service provider? Whether you’re going to bring the phone to Sprint, AT&T, Verizon or one of the hip new MVNO’s out right now – a budget or cheap phone might do the trick. If so, read on – as this article is for you.

  1. eBay – the granddaddy of gently used merchandise, eBay is still the king for finding items that other shops don’t carry or carry at a higher cost. Cell phones would be one of those items. You can pretty much find just about any phone on eBay, but is particularly good for finding low cost brands. Everything from the old school Razr flip phone (soon to be the new Razr! flip, but ridiculously expensive starting at a whopping $1,400 – jeez! loiuse!) to an Android touchscreen smartphone. Search for your desired brand or model and see what eBay has in stock. Bet they’ll not only carry the phone you’re looking for, but at a nice price. 🙂
  2. Amazon – we all know Amazon for the massive online marketplace that it is due its insanely popular FBA program. Basically through the FBA program, anyone can sell on the Amazon platform and as such, it’s also a great place to find low cost phones from a variety of sellers. Perform a quick search and find the phone of your dreams today.
  3. Let Go/ Offer Up/ Mercari – these apps are great for quickly listing and selling stuff you have around the house and also finding stuff you’re looking for. Looking for a budget cell phone under $50, simply use the filters on any of these cool apps – and see what’s available. Try it today.
  4. Trade in ShopSwappa, Gazelle, Best Buy – these are all great options for finding low-cost cell phones as they’re platforms for  recycling and selling previous generations of popular phones. If you’re in the market for a (new to you!) cell phone model; give these sites and online marketplaces a look. Gazelle is probably the most established with the biggest inventory – so give this one a look first.
  1. Walgreen’s – check your local store in person and see what prepaid phones are available. At times, I’ve seen phones as low as $15. Yes! $15 bucks.
  2. Dollar General – same as Walgreen’s.
  3. Walmart – same as Walgreen’s.
  4. Facebook Marketplace – I typed in “phone” on Facebook marketplace and hundreds of listings popped up. This is a super popular avenue for finding a budget phone locally right within your zip code. The app/platform is great as you can filter further and narrow the options by price. Once you find a few good listings, you can save, contact the sellers and make arrangements to meet and buy the item.

If you’re looking for a gently used low-cost phone, try one or a few of the ideas mentioned above; and we’re sure you’ll find something great and on budget.

It doesn’t matter if you’re seeking a previous-generation iPhone or a Google Pixel and whether you wish to bring it to one of the top 3 mobile networks or even the national Lifeline program – trust that you can find it at a nice! discount with our ideas above.

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