6 #FREE Products/Services Available to Medicaid Recipients

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Free Phone –

Have you heard of the national Lifeline free phone program? Through Lifeline anyone that qualifies, can apply for a free phone or free phone service. There are several different providers that you can check to see if service is available in your area – and applying online is the fastest way to check this. But some Lifeline providers (Safelink) allow paper applications and/or have in-person tent events that you can go to and apply. Which phone model you get varies by provider, so there’s no way to know exactly which one you’ll get – but is usually an Android smartphone that comes with free minutes and free texting plus some web data. In general, Lifeline helps and has helped many who otherwise can’t afford phone service. If you’re low income, receive any of the following federal assistance: Medicaid, EBT/Snap, Social Security, SSI, Veterans pension or Section 8 – you can apply with one of the Lifeline providers. For more info, see our dedicated Lifeline free phone program page.

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Free Phone Service –

Have your own phone and just need service? As mentioned above, through the national Lifeline program you could qualify for a free phone (or phone service). In this case, you would BYOD (bring your own device) and simply avail of the service. The process is the same as noted above, you would choose a Lifeline provider and apply online through their website. If you qualify, the service provider would send you a free SIM card which you would insert into your phone and activate/use Lifeline phone service.

Low-Cost Internet Service –

In some states, discounted internet service is available to Snap/EBT recipients. Access from AT&T is one such internet provider. This is for basic internet access (hence the name) but could be used for a number of activities; including lite web surfing, checking email, following up on your social accounts, weather, sports, etc. Check the Access from AT&T website for more info and or to apply.

Free Tax Prep –

There’s a federal program called VITA (Volunteer Income Tax Assitance) that provides free federal and state tax preparation for low-income individuals and families. You can use the various online service providers connected with VITA that enable you to (complete your taxes yourself online) or go to designated locations throughout your city for free in-person help. For more info, see the VITA Free Tax Help page.

Free Credit Score –

Wondering what your credit score is? If so, anyone (not just Medicaid recipients) can check it for free with Credit Sesame. You can check your credit score online through their site or download the app. They also offer credit monitoring and  . To (check your credit score for free) visit the @CreditSesame site.

Discounted Amazon Prime Membership

Did you know that Amazon offers discounted Amazon prime membership to Medicaid and Snap/EBT cardholders? The regular cost for Prime is $12.99 a month, but for those who have Medicaid – the cost is $5.99 a month. Amazon has just about every type of product you could need or want and Prime is great because it offers (free 2 day delivery) on most items, plus a whole bunch of extras including – free musing streaming. books and movies and TV shows. To sign up or for more info, see the (Amazon Prime for Medicaid) page.

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