Things to Know About Mercari (the Selling App!)

mercari selling app

I’ve been using the Mercari (selling app) for just shy of 5 months and quite like its simplicity and number of active members. Which (as of this writing) stands at 14 million. (S)

Since I’ve been using it for a while now, below is what I’ve picked up on (mostly as a seller) and what you might want to know as well if, and when you start using it yourself. Which you can do so right here and get $10 when you join & make your first purchase.

*The selling fee is – a flat 10%.

Every listing takes 10% of the selling price. Which is not bad at all for getting access to a massive up and coming selling platform – with over 14 million monthly active users. Mercari has commercials on TV now which means more eyeballs on YOUR listings. And potentially higher sales. πŸ™‚

Buyer Feedback Gets You Paid.

Mercari is unique in that the way you get paid is directly tied to buyer/customer feedback. When you sell an item and ship it, the buyer has 3 days to rate the item and if it’s as described, the customer rates you – and you get paid. So customer service is key here! along with good shipping and fast communication. Printed thank you notes! are a plus and or a quick digital note to the buyer upon a sale. If a customer doesn’t rate you within 3 days, Mercari auto rates you – and you get paid.

Promote Feature = More Views

Mercari has a (promote button) on each listing which means you can lower the price on your items every few days and this action usually bumps you in search results, potentially granting you more listing views. A quick and simple way to refresh current or older listings.

Super Simple To Use –

One of my fave things about the Mercati (selling app) is its ease of use. The app has made it super simple to list items and everything else in between; including communicating with customers, the printing of shipping labels, the rating system, the promotion of listings, getting paid, etc. The app doesn’t have an endless array of options to tire you out, instead, the app has an (easy to use) super intuitive simple interface.

I have dozens of items listed as of this writing and plan to list more each week, as obviously, the more listed – the more sales you stand to have. I found this cute wall decorative plaque that sums up how I feel about Mercari, take a look below. Plus I feel the mantra is true. “List it and they will BUY”. πŸ™‚

if you list it, they will buy (on mercari)

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Author: Missy
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