Low Cost Ways to Cope with Anxiety (Free or Budget Friendly Ideas)

low cost anxiety ideas
  1. Reading – This is always a great escape. A great way to just get lost in whatever subject is interesting to you. And it doesn’t have to be fiction; it can be about business, biographies (which I love), art, finance, celebrities, sports, etc. I think to limit news consumption and or social media distractions, print is best for now. (magazines, old fashioned print books, etc.)
  2. Fave movies – who doesn’t love to curl up with a cozy good awesome movie. From a hilarious comedy to a juicy romance thriller or a heart-pumping action flick and everything else in between; vegging out for an hour and a half or so and watching your fave movie is a great anxiety reliever. Doesn’t matter if you stream, get a Redbox or go old school and watch a DVD. πŸ™‚
  3. Reruns of (fave TV shows) – another personal fave of mine and maybe yours as well. The reason I mention reruns is that this way you know you won’t get hit with more info and or news that you want a break from. Maybe you love an oldie but goodie drama like (The Good Wife) or want something light and funny like (Friends); you can’t go wrong with watching something you know is something you already like and can count on. What are some of your go-to (must-see) fave TV shows? Share with me in the comments below or on my Twitter.
  4. Writing/Blogging – if you happen to be a writer or a blogger, then you know that writing and or blogging is a great way to get out of your headspace and direct the focus away from yourself. And it doesn’t matter what form that takes, it could be a long written piece for your novel or book, a how-to video, a tutorial, a podcast, etc. Writing and or blogging is another great way to lose yourself and shift gears when it comes to emotional or even event induced anxiety.
  5. Music – I don’t know how many times a good song (or two) has completely elevated my mood and brought me from a frown to a smile. Why do you think playlists and music streaming services like Spotify, Amazon Music, Pandora and others like it – have become insanely popular and widely used. From pop, rock, country, rap, reggaeton, classical, opera and whatever music taste is your fave; music absolutely and completely “feeds the soul”.
  6. Retail therapywhat’s your retail poison? Shoes, tech, purses, jewelry, clothes, art. Whatever it is and wherever; shopping can if done (with moderation) be another fantastic anxiety-reducing idea. Lately ever since joining Mercari (the selling app), I’ve become totally obsessed with it and selling or buying on there and or just browsing all the goodies. Are you an Amazon junkie, eBay pirate, H&M fiend, Columbia outdoor enthusiast – wherever and whatever you’re into; retail therapy is another good distraction and it doesn’t have to be costly. You can easily just browse around, look for hot deals, shop for budget specific items (say something under $50, $20 or even $10 and as always – if shopping online, look for coupon/promo codes and free shipping. πŸ™‚
  7. Food/Cooking (baking sweets mostly!) – my fave recipe site is All Recipes. So on this site, I like spending time and saving different recipes I have tried and or plan to try. Check out (All Recipes) for just about anything you could/would want to try making.
  8. Family Feud on Facebookdo you love this game as much as I do? have you checked out Family Feud on Facebook? If not, here you go – take a look and follow the page if you prefer this format best. The Facebook page features clips of the TV episodes and it’s a great way to unwind, relax the mind and maybe get a laugh in as well.
  9. Dog walking – this a threefer. One you get to hang around all types of awesome doggies. Two you get exercise while walking said doggies and three you get paid. What a win-win for everyone – you, the pet owner and the doggies! Want to try dog walking with Rover? Sign up here and check it out for yourself. (scroll down the page some, to see the listing for dog walking!)
  10. Laundry – simple? Yes! but it works. It gets you out of your house or apartment, you might run into others and can chat up a bit (or not, your choice!) and you get fresh nice clean clothes when its all said and done. I realize I’m single and as such, my laundry consists of a load or two each week, versus a family of three or four where laundry is a massive undertaking. In this case, I can see how laundry wouldn’t be a stress reliever. So this idea is mostly aimed at single people who usually have a load or two each week.
  11. Biking – if you own a bike or belong to one of the many new! bike-sharing programs (hello! Divvy) biking even for 15 or 20 minutes has been known to help with anxiety and net you the following: fresh air, Vitamin D, some socialization, exercise, community, and more. Don’t own a bike? You could possibly score a nice used one online through Facebook Marketplace (like I did, last Summer) or look on Craigslist. Want to join your local bike share program, but on a budget? Look up “reduced fair bike share” in Google and see what options pop up in your city. You might be able to get a low-cost option with your local bike share provider.

Stay safe and stay healthy!

Other Low Cost (or Free) Ways To Cope With Anxiety:

  1. Art – stay tuned!
  2. Crafts – stay tuned!

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2 thoughts on “Low Cost Ways to Cope with Anxiety (Free or Budget Friendly Ideas)

  1. Missy, a hearty thumbs up on all of these. I love blogging, Netflix and exercise for feeling and releasing anxiety. Huge fan of doing yoga to move along fear energies as well. Super post and great advice.

    1. Hi Ryan:

      Long time no see, been following you from your (pre Blogging from Paradise) days. Appreciate you taking the time to visit my bloggie and leaving a comment.

      Hope all’s well. Cheers! 😊

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