Features We Want to See on Mercari

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A few days ago I wrote on things to know about Mercari and today I’m going to write about features I would love to see added to the selling app.

Do you sell on Mercari? If so, feel free to share your handle below in the comments or on my Twitter and let’s follow each other. Tag or contact me and let me know so I can follow back. Ok on to the features.

Features We Want to See on Mercari (for #sellers)

Relist Item – this is the #1 most requested feature I would love to see added to Mercari. As of right now, when you want to re-list an existing item, you need to start from scratch and create a brand new listing all over again. Super annoying. A re-list button would be great.

Bulk Multi Items Listing – similar to the relist feature noted above, but good for re-listing multiple items. For example, say you have two pairs of the same shoes but in different colors, a bulk list feature would allow you to list them both at the same time minus a few changes to the 2nd listing.

Smaller Shipping Labels – it would be nice to be able to print smaller shipping labels. They’re about a 5 x 7 in size now when you print them; it would be ideal if two could be printed on one 8 x 11 sheet of paper. Lots of wasted paper per label with each print with the size currently available. Trim it down please.

Mercari is a great selling platform that allows anyone to quickly and easily list promote and sell their items. From clothing to shoes and housewares to tech; you can list it all here and see what it could go for.

If you have yet to try Mercari – but want to. Here’s $10 to try it out – sign up online (use the link) and get $10 when you make your first purchase. I think you’ll like Mercari both as a buyer and seller – like I do. Try it today and if you have questions, let me know.

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