6 Low Cost Self Care Ideas for Women

low cost self care ideas ladies

Self care might be the latest buzzword in the (health and wellness!) space, but its for good reason; we all need to take better care of ourselves. And if we can do it affordably – even better.

Selfcare is any activity that we do deliberately in order to take care of our mental, emotional, and physical health. Although it’s a simple concept in theory, it’s something we very often overlook. Good selfcare is key to improved mood and reduced anxiety. (Source: Psych Central)

(We all can practice a little self care everyday and below are a few ideas.)

1. Mind

how about some self investing? like taking one of the many FREE classes available now online. You could do one in a personal development topic (like public speaking, writing! or take cooking classes) or you can take a course that would push you forward in your career (like getting a certification! in accounting, Microsoft Office, SEO, etc)

2. Body

so much can be done here such as: new budget hair accessories, colorful nail polish, new at home hair coloring, a hot bath, a luxurious shave with a good razor (I like! and use Harry’s) an awesome body scrub or for some fitness – free yoga sessions online. “Yoga with Adrienne” is a popular YouTube channel that houses numerous yoga videos in a variety of categories, including quick 10 and 15 minute stress sessions, specific body tension sessions and more. A (must subscribe to YouTube channel) if you’re looking for a free virtual yoga instructor that guides you along the way. She’s great and does a good job of organizing her various yoga videos into easy categories like: yoga for beginners, yoga for weight loss, yoga for busy people, etc.

sexy shave

3. Soul

music comes to mind here. Whatever genre of music you’re into, turn that baby up and get into a groove with something loud and fun or if you’re in the mood for something mellow, try that instead. Some people like to go old school with a CD player and various discs, and others like the new streaming services available including Spotify, Amazon Music and so on. Whether you decide to go old school here and pull out a CD or use a streaming app; just let the music take you to that desired state of consciousness you’re after. And enjoy away! 🙂

4. Community –

as we slowly, but surely move into “the new normal” mode – more opportunities are opening up to experience community again. Maybe you’ve been wanting to volunteer in your local park or food bank or go to the local library and check out a book. Many cities are now slowly re-opening and these community places are going to be available to us once again. Try calling or visiting the website of the community places in your area that you’re interested in and see if they’re open and what hours of operation they have or will have. Community in any and all its forms – is so important and a great way to practice self care.


5. Money

if you must engage in retail therapy (and c’mon, who doesn’t?) try the under $20 category of self pampering – as in try to pamper yourself with products or services that fall under $20 bucks. And yes! they do exist. Here are some ideas: nail polish (less than $10 a bottle or even less than $5 depending on where you go) slice of pie (less than $5 easily at your local grocer) facial mask (less than $5), new notebook journal, candle, recipe book and the list goes on and on. You get the idea, pamper away – just do it with a $20.

6. Spiritual

I can’t say I’m a super spiritual person. Haven’t gone to church in a few years and don’t really plan on it, but do yearn for some sort of spirituality in my life. Since spirituality can take many different forms, I don’t think “going to church” is necessarily the answer. But just practicing having conversations with God (and generally talking to others also into spiritual enlightenment) can help to ease that sense of spiritual void. I plan to do this and just generally seek out opportunities to fill my cup, and feel more connected to a higher power and to other spiritual beings in general.

How about you? Is this a concern.

Is spirituality something you’ve been thinking about – and if so, what plans do you have or ideas. Share with me below. I’ve been looking into apps. If you happen to use any that you like and recommend? Feel free to share with me below.

Those are a few of my self care ideas. There are a bunch more, but this list is a start. Hope it was useful or at least interesting.

If you’re coming from Cate’s blog – (say Hi! below) and let me know – what self care ideas you’ve been into lately?

Thanks for reading. And visiting. 🙂

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Author: Missy
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    1. She’s pretty great – and has loads of good yoga videos. I especially like her de-stress series. Thanks for stopping by. 🙂

  2. I love that you broke this down into categories. I think the idea of personal development for self-care is a brilliant idea. I am a life-long learner after all and cooking classes sound fun! I like the different spin and that there is something for everyone on this list.

    1. Hi Brittany: That’s when self care is most important, always a good idea – to take a break and take care of yourself. Hope yo do! and my ideas above, should help. Thanks for visiting. 🙂

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