Top 6 Most Popular Food Delivery Apps (#Android Edition)

popular food delivery apps

Are you wondering which are the most popular food delivery apps? So was I and below is what I found. This is based on the number of downloads on Google Play, as I don’t own an iPhone and never would. Sorry, Apple! (no offense – you’re just way too overpriced for my wallet’s taste)

Ok, take a look below to see what is the most popular food delivery app as of this writing.

Top Food Delivery Apps (per downloads on Google Play)

1. GrubHub – 10 million downloads (lots of chain restaurants, occasional email coupon codes)
2. Door Dash – 10 million (more obscure restaurants)
3. UberEats – 100 million downloads (by far, the MOST POPULAR based on downloads alone)
4. Postmates – 10 million downloads (growing food delivery app, delivers alcohol – the MOST EXPENSIVE)
5. Seamless – 1 million (the least popular, based on downloads)
6. goPuff – 1 million (up and coming grocery delivery app, also delivers beer, wine and most alcohol)

I personally use Grubhub, Uber Eats and goPuff the most. For quick cheap eats, you can’t beat the giant of all food delivery apps (UberEats) but with the right coupon code, GrubHub is not too far behind.

From a taco dinner or savory pasta meal to a quick fast food bite, food delivery apps are here to stay and with time, will only progress into more feature rich and budget friendly alternatives to cooking at home.

Which is your fave food delivery app? And why? Tell me below.

If you’re new to any of these, use the codes below to get access to either a *FREE DELIVERY or a *DISCOUNT DELIVERY on me. To use: Download app, then enter coupon/promo code at checkout.

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Author: Missy
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10 thoughts on “Top 6 Most Popular Food Delivery Apps (#Android Edition)

  1. I love Postmates and Ubereats – crazy world we’re living in where you can have any food you want delivered to your house (in many cities)!

    1. @Cate – True. The future is here and we will only see more delivery services/apps as time goes on. From food to just about anything we can think of, will be more easily accessible through at home and at work delivery. Thanks for coming by. 🙂

  2. I would be curious if this list is the same for iPhone. I don’t have an Android personally, but maybe this article could be titled “Most Popular Food Delivery for Android” so it gives the reader a better understanding of your perspective.

    1. Hi @Cathy: I’m on your blog as we speak, reading your “positive outcomes from being stuck at home” post. It prompted a new article idea for me, I’m writing it now – love that you came by. Thanks! 🙂

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