The Top 5 Razor Subscription Brands of 2020

the 4x blade from dollar shave

Guest article by Samuel Higgins. Everybody has been there sometime or another, you’ve slept through the alarm and coincidentally have a big meeting in the morning. You run to the bathroom, pull out your razor, and remember that it’s extremely blunt. You also forgot to stock up on blades. Now, the thought runs through your mind, that you will not be able to shave before your meeting and have a fuzzy patch of hair all over your face.

It’s not a choice you want to face because it’s too embarrassing. Thankfully, razor subscription service sets have simplified our grooming needs and routine, and thankfully you can now also get your shaving needs delivered straight to your door.

But with all this, you get stuck at one easy question, which one should you choose? What do the different subscription razor sets carry and at what cost.

We found and highlight below 5 such popular shaving subscription services so that you don’t have to.

  • Dollar Shave

($4 to $10 per month)

the 4x blade from dollar shave

The Dollar Shave Club for men offers three kinds of razors in its membership: The Executive with six blades, The 4X with four blades, and The Humble Twin with two blades. Contingent upon which choice you pick, costs go from roughly $4 to $10 per month.

You can buy into the sub, to get them like clockwork – on the regular. On the off chance that you need a pack that comes complete with all the shaving accessories you may require, through an online quiz – you’ll be suggested items like shave margarine, body chemical and even antiperspirant.

You can tweak your request to get rid of undesirable items or maybe increment the number of razor cartridges – before setting up your membership. There is the alternative to have the unit sent each two, three or four months. Furthermore, you don’t have to have a contract, so you can drop or alter your membership whenever.

  • Billie

(starting from $9)

Billie razor blade

Billie’s membership for ladies is straightforward: The brand offers five beautiful and overly stylish looking handles.

Utilizing the online quiz, you let the organization know whether you shave every day, a couple of times each week, or once per week – they then decide how frequently to send you new blades. You additionally get the alternative to include a non-vaporized shave cream, with Shea margarine and Aloe Vera as a repeating buy with your blades.

On the first occasion, when you shop with Billie, you’ll get a starter unit that contains a handle in your picked shading, an attractive holder, and two, five-sharp edge razor cartridges.

Your cutting edge tops off (you get four at once for around $9) and will at that point show up at your entryway  consistently, like clockwork, contingent upon how normally you shave.

  • Harry’s

(starter set goes for $3 – which covers shipping)

harrys razor blade


At Harry’s, you start by looking for one of the packs. While they’re intended for men, women can utilize them as well.

The Starter Set, about $13, (is FREE you just pay a $3 shipping fee) incorporates a weighted rubberized handle, a five-blade razor cartridge, 2 oz. foaming shave gel and a travel blade cover. Or depending on your budget, you can consider getting yourself one of the bigger, luxurious packs—costs per pack increment to around $35.

When you have added a bundle to the shopping basket, you can decide on a membership level, and have shaving gels shipped each two, three, or five months. If you subscribe, you get a 5% discount, shipping is free and you can cancel whenever you choose.

Also, not to stress: when you order Harry’s free razor – expect a handy dandy email with an update for your next top off, giving you plenty of time before every shipment. 🙂

  • Flamingo

(starts at $9)

flamingo razor blade

Flamingo is owned by two of Harry’s veterans who have been with the company since its start. This expertise has allowed flamingo to start with certain expertise and a focused product line – women’s shaving products.

For shaving, it currently sells a razor ($9), blade cartridges (four for $9) and a foaming shave gel ($5) a la cart. You can also alternatively get a shaving set for $16, which contains a throwaway razor, smaller versions of the shave gel and body lotion, an extra blade cartridge and a shower hook – all in a reusable, travel-friendly pouch.

  • Joy

($9 for one blade and two cartridges)

joy razor blade

Joy is shaving mammoth Gillette’s response to the deluge of new, razor subscription brands upsetting drugstore  chain brands. Like Flamingo and Billie, Joy’s razor has five sharp edges; in contrast to the next two brands in this trial, $9 just gets you the razor and one substitute cartridge, putting it marginally more costly than its rivals.

$9 for one razor handle and two sharp blades or $7 for a two-pack shave gel, and $9 for a four-pack of five-edge razor substitute cartridges can be purchased a la cart.


Each selection has a a slightly different offering, which one is best for you will depend on your individual shaving needs and your budget. Looking for a close and comfortable shave for less money – try one of these hot! new! razor subscription brands today. They each offer high-quality razor handles and blades, as well as luxurious shaving gels. Before each shipment, you will get an email with enough time to change or pause your plan and you will have the ability to choose the subscription type that best fits your needs.

Happy shaving! 🙂

We may earn money or products from the companies mentioned in this post.

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