5 Awesome & Low Cost Kitchen Gadgets for Minimalists

compact over the sink dish drying rack

If you happen to live in a small apartment, then you know space is at a premium and you’re ALWAYS looking for ways to conserve/save space. Below are a few items that are perfect for minimalist studio spaces and all fall under a budget of $25. (*next article will feature: more functional & low cost items aimed at minimalists, so follow along through social or email) 🙂

  1. Compact Over the Sink Dish Drainer

This ultra compact over the sink dish drainer is perfect for small studio apartments. It takes up half the space as larger more traditional dish drainers but without losing it’s ability to hold several plates, cups and flatware. ($13.99)

compact over the sink dish drying rack

2. Over the Sink Shelf

The over the sink shelf is also another great way to save much needed space in cramped or tight kitchen spaces, such as in a studio apartment, dorm, etc. This over the sink shelf is good for placing food items, small kitchen accessories, and so on – up and above the space in your sink. Great space saver. ($16.99)

over the sink shelf

3. Dual Can Opener/Wine Opener

This awesome space saving dual can opener and wine opener will open both your wine bottles and your various canned goods. Great way to save space in the kitchen and or pantry. Looks good, is right under budget at 25 or less and does the job easily. ($17.13)


bangrui dual wine opener and can opener

Dual Measuring Cup and Scale

This smart dual digital measuring cup and scale is great for the home chef that has it all but wants less pieces in her/his kitchen cupboard. Great for weighing while cooking, baking, or weekly meal prepping. ($21.99)

dual digital measuring Cup and Scale

4. Soup and Crackers Mug

This compact (and cute) soup and crackers mug set is really all you need this Winter. It’s quiet, clean and will keep you nice and warm during this chilly time of year. Brrrr. ($14.99)

Soup & Cracker Mug

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Author: Missy
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