Unique Minimalist Mug Gift Ideas

minimalism cheaper than therapy mug

Beauty in Simplicity Minimalist Mug

This coffee mug is great for those of us who see beauty in simplicity. Maybe you too.

beauty in simplicity minimalist mug

All You Need Is Less Minimalist Mug

This mug is perfect for the minimalist that believes having less is so much…(more) awesome! πŸ™‚

all you need is less minimalist mug

Ultra Minimalist Coffee Mug

This mug is good for the gal or guy who keeps it nice and tight…in the simplicity department. It’s sleek, suave and oh so! minimal.

minimalist coffee mug

Minimalism is Cheaper Than Therapy Mug

We probably all need a tad of therapy now and then. Nothing wrong with that. However minimalism is cheaper than therapy as showcased on this mug, why not give it a try today. πŸ™‚

minimalism cheaper than therapy mug

Minimalistic Dali Humor Mug

How surreal is this mug? Salvador Dali surreal.

minimalistic dali humor mug

Decluttering Mug

You know when you get into decluttering, very little survives/remains. This mug, maybe. It’s ok, we totally get it.

decluterring mug

Minimalism is the Ssshh

Are you all about living a simple unfettered life? Doing away with things that distract, disarm and dissuade. If so, this is the mug for you.

minimalism is the sssh

Consume Less, Create More (Content) Mug

I’ve been thinking about this one a lot lately, especially as it relates to my blog and content. I know I need to create a lot more and consume less (content). So this mug I dedicate to myself and really (anyone) who needs to hear this. πŸ™‚

onsume less create more mug

Minimalism and Beer Make Me Happy Mug

If the two things that make you happiest the most are 1. Living a minimal life and 2. Beer – this is the mug for you.

minimalism and beer mug

Life Was Meant To Be Simple Mug

Loving this one. This coffee mug says it all, doesn’t it. Too cute. πŸ™‚

life was meant to be simple mug

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