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Blog Post Gal…offers monthly blog content for busy business owners. If that describes you – glad you found this page. 🙂

SPECIAL OFFER FOR NEW CLIENTS: For the month of JUNE 2020, new clients can try out my services in exchange for a review/testimonial. YOU GET ONE FREE BLOG POST. Contact me below – so we can discuss your needs! (and thank you for giving me a chance)

Research shows that keeping your blog updated at least once a week; keeps your readers and customers engaged and top of mind. (S)(S)(S)

How Often Should I Blog? Source: (Orbit Media)

Give yourself a minimum interval—whether that be weekly, monthly, what have you—but commit to creating something inspiring each time out.

How Often Should You (or Your Company) Blog? Source: (HubSpot)

Keeping a schedule when blogging is important for two reasons. First, it builds organic traffic. Next, it helps with brand awareness.

Need help with keeping your blog updated so you can focus on other activities such as social media or email marketing, video channel management, monetization, design, etc. You focus on the business/marketing side, we’ll focus on the content side. Sound good? Great!

Are you a start up in the process of getting your online  business off the ground and on a budget? I offer a flat rate for web content. My rate starts at .05 per word with a 600 word minimum for – one blog post. Includes one copyright free image.

Regular (monthly) subscription rate = twice a week blog posts ($349/mo) 

Need blog content on any of the following topics?

  • personal finance (credit, debt, making money, saving money)
  • insurance
  • fitness/nutrition/diet
  • real estate
  • eco friendly living
  • marketing/blogging/SEO/Wordpress
  • and more (see my portfolio link below for samples of my writing)

Whether you need short or long term monthly blog content…Blog Post Gal can help. Please fill out the short form below to get started. To view samples of my published writing; view my portfolio here.