Free (Lifeline) Phone

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If you’re looking for information and or to sign up for a free Lifeline phone or free phone service through the national Lifeline program – you’re in the right place.

There are many providers of the Lifeline free cell phone program. How does it work? Basically, if you qualify and get approved, you could score a free Android phone with free minutes, free texting and free data.

What’s Provided?

  • FREE MONTHLY MINUTES (up to 1,000)
  • WiFi Internet Access
  • FREE Voicemail
  • Caller ID & 3 Way Calling
  • 911 & 411 Calls
free lifeline phone
click photo to apply – for a free (lifeline) phone!

There are no credit checks, no bills, and no fees ever to participate in this free program. Plus sign up is fast and easy.

Great for keeping in touch with friends and family, as a backup emergency phone or even your primary phone.

If you qualify, based on ANY of the following – apply today!

  • You receive SNAP\EBT Link
  • You receive Medicaid
  • You receive Section 8
  • You receive SSI
  • You’re low income (as determined by your state income guidelines)
  • You receive Veterans Pension Benefits

Below we mention and link to top national Lifeline providers. You can visit one or more to apply and see if you qualify for a free phone or free phone service.

If you currently receive ANY one of the above mentioned federal assistance, you could qualify for the free cell phone program through Lifeline and can apply today.

Providers will let you know if you’re approved for the free phone/service program and when your phone or SIM card will ship.

***We (as an affiliate) don’t have any say over approvals, denials, lost phones, broken phones, phones not received, technical issues, etc. PLEASE CONTACT (the provider) DIRECTLY FOR ASSISTANCE.

Lifeline is a non-transferable federal benefit program. You must be eligible to enroll. Proof of eligibility will be required during enrollment.

The Lifeline program is only available to eligible consumers who can provide documentation demonstrating eligibility for the program and only one Lifeline benefit is available per household. To receive a free smartphone and monthly service, you must meet the income-based or program-based eligibility guidelines. Qualifying programs include Medicaid, SNAP, SSI, Federal Public Housing Assistance, and Veterans Pension or Survivors Pension Benefit.

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The 10 Most Frequently Asked Questions on the Lifeline Phone Program

1. What is the Federal Lifeline Program?

The Federal Lifeline Program is a program made to help low income households to be able to stay on the telephone network. It was created in 1985 by the Federal Communications Commission. The way it works is that, if you qualify for the program, then the program would help you pay for monthly charges and or provide free phone or service.

2. Does it cover cell phones too?

Yes. In 2005, the Federal Communications Commission updated the program to include landlines as well as a wireless or mobile option, which also includes broadband.

3. Who oversees the program?
The Federal Lifeline Program is an independent program run by a non-profit organization called The Universal Service Administrative Company, or the USAC. The USAC actually was created by the Federal Communications Commission in 1997.

4. Does the program differ for anyone living on tribal lands?

The answer to this question is yes, but there are a few things that are different between households not on tribal lands and ones that are. To clarify, tribal lands are any Native American Tribe’s reservation lands, on any reservation in the United States, including Hawaii and Alaska.

5. What are the requirements to qualify for the (free lifeline phone) program?
In order to qualify for the program, your household has to have an income that is below $135 of federal poverty guidelines or be involved in Medicaid and other federal assistance programs.

6. How do you enroll in the program?

You can apply to the Federal Lifeline Program by contacting the program provider in your state or through your state’s public service commission. In order to find who your state’s provider is, call the toll-free number: 1-888-641-8722 or contact them via the USAC’s website.

7. Can you enroll with more than one service provider?
The answer to this question is – no. You only get one discount per household – which counts as a single landline or wireless connection. It’s directly defined as anyone who lives at the same address that shares household expenses. If you share food, living expenses, salary, public benefits, social security, then that would count as being part of the same household.

8. Who certifies service providers?
For a provider of the program to be certified as a carrier of the program, it must be given to them by the state or the Federal Communications Commission. They give the provider certain standards and conditions that they must meet, before they are certified.

9. Can I change my service provider?
The quick answer to this one is – yes, you most certainly can. You can only do it once every 60 days for voice services, and no more than once every 12 months for data services. You must contact your provider and ask them to transfer the service.

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