Turo – #1 in local car sharing (plus $25 off 1st rental)

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In our unofficial book, Turo is #1 in local car sharing. We’ve done research and of this writing, Turo has the best rates, better than that of competitors like ZipCar, Get Around, Car2Go, etc.

If you’re needing/looking for a car on a temporary basis – Turo is your best best. Just keep in mind that depending on where you live – *YMMV. And this is for : first time rentals at Turo

We did a check on local car sharing companies where we live (Chicago) and found the rates as follows: (check your city for nearby rates) The rates below are without the $25 credit.

*My first rental through Turo cost me a total of $10.15 – $19 daily rate for a 2008 Ford Escape + $11.40 insurance + 4.75 trip fee – $25 credit = total cost $10.15

Car Share Company Time Car Rate $
Turo 24 hour rental 2008 Ford Escape $32
Get Around 24 hour rental 2012 Nissan Versa $52
ZipCar (3 hours) Compact Sedan $32

As you can see, Turo beat the others when it came to best rental rates. Again your city might be a tad different, so sign up – check your zip code and see how it fares for you. Regardless you’ll save $25 on your 1st trip.

Promo/Offer: $25 off your 1st rental trip

Promo Code: none needed, use link below for the discount rate

Expires: n/a

Link/URL: https://turo.com/c/missyd25

*your mileage may vary